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Boykie Pienaar

Boykie Pienaar - “Narrator”

Boykie Pienaar is a young mischievous boy living on a farm with his family. (They have lived there forever, or so Boykie thinks.) Like most typical boys in Africa, Boykie is always on the hunt for new adventures, generally involving lots of danger and “free food” acquired from his mother’s pantry. Obviously, he wishes to share this food with his friends but his mother often catches him in mid “pilfer” and gives him his just punishment!

Johannes Jabulani

Johannes, “Jabulani” – “Nature Boy”

Johannes is the third of the terrible trio and lives on a farm with his family across a small valley about 1km from Boykie and Boetie. He calls himself “Nature Boy” from time to time as, being Zulu and therefore of true African decent, he tries to boast that he either knows more about the country, or has a better way of climbing a tree, (or setting fire to a field!) than either Boykie or Boetie.

Boetie Baradien

Boetie Baradien – “The escape artist”

These stories revolve around Boetie Baradien, a young Indian boy who lives with his family on the same farm as Boykie. The family help Boykie’s parents in the running of the farm and as such Boetie and Boykie hang out most days together. An almost “blood kinship” has developed between these two, and the only thing that would perhaps sway Boetie away from an adventure, is the smell of fried eggs and sausages wafting from the kitchen.


Lanie – “Quite a nice looking girl!”

Lanie is Boetie's brother's, girlfriend. Well, I say “girlfriend” but I am sure he has no clue what that means, other than someone who, when she is at the farm, he loses all power of speech over! She lives in one of the new houses about 30 minutes away and visits the farm occasionally to see him - although Boykie may well say that it is strange that she only goes there when HE is there!