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The Setting

The stories you are about to read have been generated from real experiences in Africa and as such, attempt to capture the feel of the moment. Certain words have unique meanings and I have tried to describe these as closely as possible. Where the words are pronounced in a certain way, this too has been recorded. If the child in you is still tugging at your belt, reminding you that he or she still wants to play, if you enjoy the thrill of climbing Spires, if the thought of Towers and Lighthouses rattled by the strength of nature excite you, then this is most definitely for you. Enjoy!


This particular series of stories revolve around a normally quiet, contemplative young Indian boy, Boetie Baradien and his exploits with his friends in the African Highveld. It would appear that he and his two friends have far too many protective angels around them as, regardless of what they get up to, they always seem to lead a charmed life. The attempt in this story is to try to convey that everyone, young and old, should be able to have fun, purely for the enjoyment of it. I trust you, the reader, will recognise a sense of freedom within you, maybe once locked far away, but through the words below, invited to be released, if only for a short moment. I encourage you to come back whenever you like, to be refreshed again.