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What's it all about?

You Should Not Wake a Hibernating Puff Adder
by Julian Cheek




"You should not wake a hibernating puff-adder" is a series of short stories set in the plains of Africa and written for a young readership. The tales tell of the adventures of three young boys as they grow up together, enjoying the freedom of the African Highveld. Their exploits are both exciting and amusing, and exhibit all that is best about the imagination of childhood and the loyalty of friendship. Each story can be read in isolation, but as a whole, they build a vivid picture of life in another country, as seen through the eyes of Boykie. He describes not only the exploits that he, Boetie and Johannes get up to, but also paints a picture of the local landscape and wildlife,t which creates vibrant images in the mind of the reader. The script has particular authenticity because of the use of some African/Zulu language and a brief glossary is included.
From the discovery of claylite and the muddy, joyful bruising of boys in mock-battle, to climbing, getting stuck-in and tasting the exquisite fruits of trees, to the launching of fireballs at dry grassland, to runaway trucks, camping out and collecting honey with Zulu tribesmen, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Not least of all, this is a refreshing reminder of the teasing camaraderie that exists between childhood friends.